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A Letter from Our Founder, Aria


I began my journey in the nonprofit industry when I was twelve years old. I started out writing content for a humanitarian aid organization. The everyday problem solving and loving community inspired me to stay in philanthropy. I love it. I found a passion in working with communities dedicated towards positive development. 

As I worked through the obstacles of partnership development, failing program creation, yadda yadda yadaa, I found relentless love with the work I was doing. I met new people everyday. I heard their journeys and their whys. I built community around our collective want to improve the world.


Despite these positives I also experienced the never-ending negatives. People spreading so thin. Programs running out of money faster than you can say "I speak for the trees!" Stakeholders and board members losing their interest in the mission. 

It often seems endless. 

LUNEAERA is the love child of my refusal to let things be and desire to shift the framing of impact missions in philanthropy. My tool-kit of interdisciplinary skills has allowed me to unconventionally problem solve across a multitude of industries. Not to mention, as a Gen Z'er, I'm invested in making philanthropy the premier industry to work in. What sets aside my work from other consultants is my Gen Z perspective and connection to the next generation entering the workforce. 


What I learned in my first nonprofit role laid the foundation for my deep respect and passion for anyone dedicated to improving the world. I hope to continue exploring this mighty community and collaborate with those who are also hopeful for a more regenerative and sustainable future.

I'm excited to develop these endless opportunities with you. 

Talk soon, and with much love,


Hey there,

I'm Aria.

Excited to meet you, let's maximize your impact together.

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