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An intensive, 60-minute interactive class that will...

introduce techniques for recognizing and nurturing the next gen talent within your organization.

provide real-world case study organizations who have successfully implemented their pipelines.

workshop your ideas and questions with a community of impact-minded professionals.

​replace static SOPs with dynamic frameworks that evolve with market trends

expertise SHOULD NOT
be your bottleneck.

Joining Waitlist

By the end of this ~ free ~ training, you will...

  • be able to IMMEDIATELY identify bottlenecks in your current Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and understand why SOPs are NOT enough for short term gains and long term growth.

  • utilize business-centric practices to incorporate into philanthropy to scale programs to maximize reach. 

  • get the inside scoop on what I learned working in the conservation sector as both scientist and legislative advocate.

  • receive and learn how to use 3 tools and methods to maximize productivity within your team in a dynamic landscape.

  • AND OF COURSE — build a strategic pipeline to scale your programs with a Gen Z touch.

The June masterclass sessions are full,
save your spot for July today!

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