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Hey there, I'm Aria.

It's a little crazy how this journey started with me writing a couple articles at different organizations. I have been fortunate to experience a rich melting pot across various industries which has allowed me to hone my multidisciplinary skill-set. Through engaging with business professionals and nonprofit industry leaders, I have developed a deep passion for interdisciplinary studies.

I'm excited to share my path and hope that the lessons I've learned, obstacles I've conquered, and successes I've collected can help people like you: those with a burning passion to help our little rock floating in space. 

Aria's Story

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Serving with more than seven years of experience in the philosophical, art theory, and scientific disciplines, Aria is a rising star in the nonprofit community. Her expertise lies in exploring the intersections of neuroscience research, environmental conservation, and art therapy, leveraging these concepts to fuel discoveries and foster creative problem-solving perspectives. 


Aria possess a unique skill set poised to shape a more sustainable future through a multidisciplinary lens. Her diverse background encompasses administrative organization, project management, communications, fundraising, infrastructure development, and thought leadership. With this arsenal of expertise, she brings a fresh perspective and innovative approach to any endeavor she undertakes, leaving an indelible mark on the organizations and projects they engage with.

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