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wins from real pioneers who've worked with LUNEAERA

Michael Aldonas is the Director of Marketing for Ocean First Institute.
Michael Aldonas, MBA, MPA
Director of Marketing, Ocean First Institute

Aria was an immediate asset to our organization. She took over several time sensitive projects and executed them efficiently and effectively. Moreover, her efforts provided long term positive impacts that continue to enable our programming long after her contract period was over. 

Kirsten Midura is the Director of Strategy and Partnerships at Howell Conservation Fund.
Director of Strategy and Partnerships, Howell Conservation Fund
Kirsten Midura
Aria has been wonderful to work with. She is intelligent, accomplished, and professional, with wisdom and experience beyond her years. Her feedback has been insightful, and her work product has helped us to move forward in a productive manner. I would absolutely recommend working with Aria on your projects.
Linda Staheli is the Founding Executive Director of Global Co Lab Network.
Founding Executive Director, Global Co Lab Network
Linda Staheli

Aria worked for the Co Lab reorganizing how we approached our work making it more streamlined.  It was amazing.  She is super organized, thoughtful, strategic, creative, hard working, and fun to work with.  I highly recommend Aria as she is a force of nature!

Stephen Green is the Associate Director of Student Life at the SMFA at Tufts University.
Associate Director of Student Life, School of the Museum of Fine Arts
Stephen Green
Aria is a dynamic leader with knack for cultivating individual talents and fostering cohesive team dynamics. She is consistently recognized for her exceptional ability to amplify voices and champion the needs of her peers. With a proven track record of steering teams toward success, cultivating inclusive environments, and delivering outstanding results, Aria embodies trusted leadership and advocacy.
Mikki McComb-Kobza is the Chief Science Officer and Executive Director at Ocean First Institute.
Chief Scientist & Executive Director, Ocean First Institute
Mikki Mccomb-Kobza, Ph.D.

Aria was a consultant for Ocean First Institute at a time when we needed help with setting our goals and priorities. Aria was able to help us focus on our desired organizational outcomes and how to elevate staff resources to get there. She is a talented team builder and helped us crystalize our nonprofit vision. 

This program is one of a kind because...


Aria Ma is known for her ambitious work ethic and care-free spirit.
We take a GenZ + venture entrepreneurship approach to philanthropy rather than relying conventional nonprofit methods that aren't working. In a post-COVID society, new strategies are needed to navigate strategic and workforce development as the next generation enters the field.

We focus on heart-felt connections and service over forcing people to work at low wages. We believe that philanthropy can be run like a business, with the best of both worlds. We believe this is the next step in maximizing our impact on the world and leaving it better than we found it.


Ready to maximize your mission's impact across

your community and our planet?

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