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LUNEAERA empowers conservation and sustainability nonprofits by optimizing strategic planning and fostering robust intern and volunteer programs. Expertise should not be your bottleneck - we help your nonprofit amplify your impact, build confident and connected teams, and achieve sustainable success from within.

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Imagine a streamlined workflow and a highly motivated team – our expertise can make it happen.


transform bottlenecked resources to efficient pipelines to achieve your long-term goals

create a powerful, intrinsically motivated team to build continuity across your organization

redefine goal alignments to maximize impact with donors, collaborators, and business partners

Aria Ma presenting on her nonprofit consulting work


Are you an existing organization?

We help your organization build sustainable program pipelines and foster healthy working communities for long-term growth and success.

Are you ready to build your next initiative?

We help impact entrepreneurs establish best practices in strategic planning and empathetic leadership for your next venture.


Michael Aldonas is the Director of Marketing for Ocean First Institute
Michael Aldonas, MBA, MPA
Director of Marketing, Ocean First Institute

Aria was an immediate asset to our organization. She took over several time sensitive projects and executed them efficiently and effectively. Moreover, her efforts provided long term positive impacts that continue to enable our programming long after her contract period was over. 

Linda Staheli is the Founding Executive Director of the Global Co Lab Network
Founding Executive Director, Global Co Lab Network
Linda Staheli

Aria worked for the Co Lab reorganizing how we approached our work making it more streamlined.  It was amazing.  She is super organized, thoughtful, strategic, creative, hard working, and fun to work with.  I highly recommend Aria as she is a force of nature!


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Maximizing Resource Efficiency in 5 Simple Steps
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A logo of the nonprofit Howell Conservation Fund, an organization dedicated to philanthropy by intersecting the nonprofit, philanthropic, and business spheres.
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Aria Ma presenting on time management strategies


LUNEAERA presents a solution to our environmental crises through accessibility of expertise and focus on local impact. Global improvement begins at home.


But, there is a lack of support for small nonprofits dedicated to their backyard.


LUNEAERA provides services to organizations dedicated to protect and restore our planet. With strategies rooted in a GenZ perspective and sought out venture philanthropy practice, LUNEAERA is your partner to long-term growth (without the burn-out!). Learn more about our passion for collaborating with changemakers and impact entrepreneurs to drive meaningful change.


Nonprofit development course to maximize impact


Ready to maximize your mission's impact across

your community and our planet?

Let's connect.

Aria Ma is excited to work with you
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